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Letter of Permission

To take a course at another university and have the credit transferred back to your Queen's transcript, you must fill out a Letter of Permission application form [PDF], available for download at the Arts and Science website. If the course you wish to take is offered by a Canadian (domestic) institution, this application goes to the Student Services Office. If the course is offered by an international institution, you must fill out an International Letter of Permission application form [PDF] and submit it to the International Programs Office.

Your form must be completed and submitted along with printouts of the course descriptions (from the host institution's website) and the administrative fee for the application. You must be an Arts and Science student in good academic standing to be eligible to apply for a Letter of Permission. Guidelines for both the domestic and international procedures are available on the Faculty of Arts and Science webpage.

Please note that this form is only used to apply for the Letter of Permission and Queen's does not apply to the host university on your behalf. After you have received a Letter of Permission indicating that you may take the requested courses for credit transfer, you must apply directly to the host university for admission as a visiting student, using your Letter of Permission as your basis for admission. From that point forward, all dates, deadlines, fees and regulations pertaining to your registration in the course and your completion of the course are between you and the host university. When you complete the course, you must arrange for the host university to mail your official transcript directly to the office that issued you the Letter of Permission.

Thinking of taking a course at an Ontario school? Be sure to view the ONTransfer webpage

If the course was taken BEFORE you became a Queen's student, you must speak to the Admissions office about the possibility of retroactively transferring the credit. The Faculty of Arts and Science does not assess courses taken before admission to Queen's.

If this is the last course you need for graduation, be aware of the deadline date by which our office must receive your official transcript in order to confirm your eligibility to graduate. See the Sessional Dates section in the current Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar for more information.

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