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ahrg- well that’s annoying. I just wrote a complete blog post and then somehow clicked on the wrong button and *poof*.. just like that, it was gone. Sorry about that.

You would have had to trudge through 500 words about how I have given up sugar in an attempt to get healthy and how, while I’m at it, I have also given up coffee… and probably, the whole thing would have made you feel disgusted with my virtue, and a little bit puzzled by how anyone could think giving up sugar and coffee was a good thing to do when life is short and Christmas is coming.

Well, fortunately you’ve been spared. Instead, I’ll rant a bit about how technology can be such a pain — amazing when it works, really terribly inconvenient when it doesn’t (and maybe this would be a good place for me to remind you to back up your computer if you haven’t done it in awhile? I’ve seen far too many good people go down as a result of faltering hard drives. Don’t be one of them).

Ok- rant done. That was it. It’s too beautiful a day – and too close to the weekend – for me to rant solely about technology being a pain. Nor will I rant about not eating sugar and not drinking coffee (gah!). Instead I will remark on this obvious thing: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY NOVEMBER 19? How did that happen?

The streets of downtown Kingston are already strewn with Christmas decorations. That’s because tomorrow evening (Saturday, November 20) at 5pm, the annual Santa Claus parade will wind its way down Princess St. ushering in the holiday season and asking us to tear our heads out of our books and away from our laptops in order to celebrate the joys of family, food, carol-singing and mass consumption gone wild. I, for one, am not convinced I am ready for it (though I’m pretty sure I say that every year).

In other news: I went to a very interesting workshop last night. Called “Slow Reading/Quick Writing,” it was held by Stuart Ross (read more on him here)– currently the university’s writer in residence. The premise of the workshop was to spend an hour slowly reading single pages of work by five different writers, and then spend half an hour doing speedy writing exercises.

It was an interesting experience — and a completely non-academic one — that encouraged us to revel in the pleasure of words, and then to write unabashedly under deadline for nobody at all. It was quite fun! For the first writing exercise, we experimented with writing whatever we wanted while people took turns reading a prose-poem aloud (the idea being that we would be influenced/distracted/affected by the barrage of words coming at us and that it would thusly inspire our writing).

In the second exercise, we had to pair up with someone and write a poem together — each person writing a word in turn until we’d decided, without using words, that the poem was complete.  I left feeling inspired and excited about writing — so all in all, a worthwhile experience!

And I must say, that one of the best things about being a university student is the opportunity to try new things/hear interesting people speak/attend free workshops with people. There is stuff happening on this campus all the time! (so much, in fact, that sometimes it gets kind of overwhelming! So much to do and read and think about!)

Speaking of overwhelming, I hope you all find some time to relax and recharge this weekend!

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