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Here we go again…

hi again- Meredith here.

It’s Monday already! I can’t report that I had a hugely eventful weekend, but I’m not complaining I guess. I spent Saturday writingwritingwriting (even turned down an offer to go to Ottawa for the day!) and then went to a friend’s place for dinner in the evening. Sunday I spent the day visiting with various friends (including two who came in from out of town to play a little concert at the Sleepless Goat last night).

I’m feeling just a little bit stressed out this morning because I’m about to start teaching journalism to another group of kids through the Enrichment Studies Unit here at Queen’s — only this time they’re high schoolers… gah!

I haven’t taught high school kids before. With the younger ones (grade 7 and 8 ) there’s still a little room for play and for little moments when they still think you’re smarter than them. I’m just a bit worried about facing a bunch of teenagers. I’m not entirely convinced that I’m going to be able to keep them sufficiently diverted for the next (count ’em) FIVE days!

Whereas you can keep the younger ones entertained with a bevy of various writing assignments, I have a feeling that teaching the teenagers is going to mean engaging in some real discussions and giving them some solid skills that they’ll be able to use in future journalism work. What responsibility!

I have to say, that while I’m fairly confident about my ability to get up in front of a group of people (kids, even) and keep ’em engaged, I am constantly impressed/amazed (ok, dismayed) to find that I’m a surprisingly scattered teacher. In some ways, I guess, being scattered can be a positive thing: my lesson plan isn’t rigidly scripted, so I can modify the teaching to suit the needs of the group, as well as the situation/questions that arise.

On the other hand, it’s probably not a big surprise that I’m feeling a little stressed out right now! Having tried-and-true lesson plans (rather than my ‘hmmm.. I wonder if this will work?’ lesson plans) might ease things a little, right? Ah well. The next time I teach these courses, I’ll be more than prepared.. right? um. right?

A full report on this week’s teaching fun… coming soon!

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