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Another week gone!

hi all – Meredith here.

I TOTALLY FORGOT about writing on Friday, as I normally do. I was doing my best to keep my various balls in the air and had a sneaking suspicion that I’d let one of them drop — and I had. It was this.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovely holiday weekend. I didn’t let myself take the whole weekend off, but I did spend some time in the sun. Saturday, a friend and I went on a road trip to Sandbanks Provincial Park where we put our toes in the sand and pretended (along with all the other hopeful folks in summer garb) that we were already in the thick of summer (knowing full well that it was a precious day of sun in an otherwise solid run of rainy, grey days).

I managed to get a little writing done today, along with some chores. Of course, I now keep thinking I’ve got a whole week ahead of me in which to get stuff done… but alas! It’s already Monday night! Tuesday will soon be upon us and then **whoosh** .. another week will be gone (it all seems to go by so quickly these days!).

I did want to give you all an update on how things have been going. After a bit of a worried-sounding posting at the beginning of last week, I am very happy to report that my teaching went well. We had a great bunch of high school kids to teach – they were smart, funny and really engaged. I must say, I closed out the week feeling pretty optimistic about things. I will have to stop my old-lady ranting about the “state of kids today” (ok, I don’t really do that, but if I did… I’d have to stop).

This week I resume teaching grade 7 and 8 kids — something I will be doing for the next three weeks. Fortunately, the teaching week is only Wednesday through Friday, leaving me a few spare hours tomorrow to get things organized for the days ahead (word is that we’ve got a class of 27 students this time around! My usual class size is 15 to 17, so this is going to be challenging to say the least!)

I’ve also got my usual thesis project to work on (gah!) as well as a bevy of other things on-the-go (including rehearsing with my dance group for some upcoming performances).

But hey- at least it keeps things interesting…right?

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