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Rainy (make that crazy downpour) Friday

hi all- Meredith here.

I’m on campus, having a sandwich at Common Ground. I was working at the library this morning and thought I’d go home for lunch. But the fact was, I couldn’t. It was raining SO HARD this morning, that even the little walk (one street crossing) from the library to the ARC (where I am now) left me soggy.

And besides – today is my birthday, and I figured I could treat myself to a sandwich and wait out the rain rather than arrive home looking like a drowned rat (my sandals are still going squish-squish with every step, but the rest of me is mostly dry).

My plan for this evening was to rally some of my friends for a big potluck picnic down by the lake. Today’s downpour has more-or-less put the brakes on that plan. But we shall rally nonetheless. We’ll convene at my place for food instead.

I’m actually having a heck of a time concentrating today — I feel energetic and excited and keep being distracted by the birthday messages that keep popping up on my Facebook page. I have the attention span of a cake-happy little flea.

Oh- but can I report on pretty much the best birthday gift I could have asked for?

This morning I opened my email (as per usual) and found the most amazing note from a young woman (a third year student at Queen’s) thanking me from my blog. I’ve asked her if I can use her text in an upcoming blog post, but essentially her note told me that she’d never seen pubic hair discussed anywhere before (my blog, for anyone not in-the-know is here: www.thelasttriangle.com) and said that reading what I’d written on the topic allowed her to start thinking critically about her own views on the issues (and her own internalizations about the untended body as being gross or dirty). She told me that buoyed by  my writing, she was able to bring up the issue with her mom and sister, something she’d never been able to do before.

I honestly felt like I might burst: I can’t even find the words to describe the feeling of knowing that something you’ve written has touched someone and allowed her to start to re-examine her own practices. It was so incredibly gratifying to find that I was, in my small way, making a difference in someone else’s life.

It’s so funny to think that my little grad school project is getting lets out in the world – helping prompt conversations, helping people to think critically about their own habits and bodies and hopefully, in a small way, helping to make the world a better place.

The rain seems to have lightened a bit, so I’m going to blaze a trail for home.

Happy Weekending! For anyone in Kingston this weekend, be sure to check out the Princess St. Promenade… a car-free, fun way to enjoy downtown Kingston…it’s on all-day tomorrow (yours truly will even be dancing in it as part of the Kingston School of Dance celebrations!).

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