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Queen’s Frosh Week As Told By Star Wars GIFs

My colleagues have touched on some of the more serious issues of the day. However, when I arrived at Queen’s, I had bigger questions: Why do people keep yelling “how do you feel?” What’s a “greasepole” and why do people

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SGPS Cameos, Broken Bones, & A Fair!

We’ve got some exciting news here at Gradifying! Once a month we’re going to be bringing you a post from the SGPS about events, information, and opportunities going on for grad students. For those of you who are new or

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Starting Grad School on the Right Foot

We are only weeks away from the start of a new academic year, and for some it will be the start of a new phase and entrance into a brand new world. I was one of those ‘freshies’ just a

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Thinking About Finances – The Bigger Picture Overview

A post about finances could go (even) long(er), so for now I’ll just attach a point or two to each of this hydra’s many heads and come back to some of them in the future when there’s more space to

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