Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Academic Regulation 14: Final Examinations

14.1- Scheduling of Final Examinations and Schedule Conflicts

Final examinations in courses that span more than 1 term (full-year courses) are held in April. Final examinations in Fall or Winter Term courses are held in December and April, respectively.

A student discovering a conflict (2 examinations at the same time, 3 examinations in a 24-hour period or an examination at the same day/time as a religious observance) must complete the Exam Conflict Application and submit to the Exams Office at, as soon as possible and in any event no later than by the deadline date published by the University Registrar.

14.2- Access to Examination Papers

Final examination paper means the final examination question paper in a course and the graded answer paper written by the student, which must be retained by the University for a period of 12 months. Refer to Queen's University according to the Senate Policy on Student Access to Final Examination Papers.

A test means the question paper in a course and the graded answer paper written by the student as part of course evaluation during a course and before the final examination.

The majority of tests and examinations in the School of Nursing are confidential and are not available for reference purposes. Refer to Queen's University Senate Policy Exam Bank for more information.