Senate Policy on Student Access to Final Examination Papers

Approved February 26, 1987

I. Definitions

"Final examination paper" means the final examination question paper in a course and the graded answer paper written by the student which, by Senate policy, must be retained for a period of 12 months.

"Appeal" refers to the procedure by which any student may formally appeal a final grade in accordance with the established appeal procedure (re-read procedure) of the Faculty or School offering the course.

II. Access

  1. Informal Access

    Instructors may informally review the final examination paper with a student who requests it and are encouraged to do so. However access may not be granted before the final marks are released.

  2. Formal Access

    As a part of the process of appeal, and on request, the student will obtain access by a method determined by the Department or School. This may be either supervised access to, or a copy of, the final examination paper as well as all other material submitted by, but not returned to, the student and for which a mark has been assigned.