The Grunnan Onarach Award (Ottawa Branch)

Branch Award

The Grunnan Onarach (Gaelic for "Honour Group") was established in 1988 by the Ottawa Branch of the Queen's University Alumni Association to commemorate its 100th anniversary. Membership in this society is granted to individuals who have made important contributions to the Ottawa Alumni and Alumnae Branches.


2012 - Ernest Jury, Sc’55, MBA’62

2010 - Sophie Sommerer, Artsci'98

2008 - Peter Milliken, Arts'68, LLD'12

2006 - Raquel Fragoso Peters, Artsci'93 & John Oliver, Sc'56

2004 - Douglas Cryderman, Sc'52


Sarah Dalton, Artsci'88

Donald A. K. Farmer, BSc'47 (deceased)

Viviene E. Le Mesurier, Arts'55


Helen Anderson, Arts'47

Henry C. Armstrong, BSc'49 (deceased)

Bob Bannard, BSc'45, MSc'46 (deceased)

Douglas Dale, BA'47, BA'50 (deceased)

Sheila Murray. NSc'59, MPA'91

Marilyn Pritchard Quarterman, Arts'54


Ted Bjerkelund, BSc'49 (deceased)

Arthur Fee, BSc'47 (deceased)

James Fogo, BSc'51 (deceased)

Bill Johnson, Law'68


Maidie Baker Graves, BA'32, MA'33 (deceased)

Lou Bruce, BAPHE'56 (posthumously)

George Carson, MD'41 (deceased)

Paul Blanchard, Arts'70, Law'75

Norval Williamson, MD'42 (deceased)


Marion E. MacKinnon, Arts'43

J. Leslie Richards, BSc'44, BSc'47 (deceased)

Ronald L. Stewart, Arts/PHE'57

Gerald W. L. Nicholson, BA'31 (deceased)


Tom Chadsey, BA'49 (deceased)

Wilda Parkinson, BA'43 (deceased)

George Toller, BA'49 (deceased)

Gertrude Wiltshire, BA'41 (deceased)


Kay Derry, BA'30 (deceased)

Audrey Hester, BA'60, BAPHE'61 (deceased)

Alex MacRae, BSc'14, LLD'54 (posthumously)

Gilbert Monture, BSc'21 (deceased)

Jesse Muir, BA'07, MA'13 (posthumously)

George Perrin, BA'49 (deceased)

Don Price, Sc'74, MBA'77

Elizabeth Shortt, MD'84 (posthumously)


Gertrude Fortune, BA'25 (deceased)

George F. Henderson, BA'59, MA'64

Harvey I. Marshall, BSc'41, MSc'46 (deceased)

Aletta Marty, MA'94, LLD'19 (posthumously)

Wallace Troup Jr., Meds'54

Wallace Troup Sr., MD'24 (deceased)

Jean Waddell, BA'20 (deceased)

Charlotte E. Whitton, MA'17, LLD'41 (posthumously)