Marsha Lampman Branch Volunteer Award

Gala Award

The award was named in honour of Marsha Lampman, BA’74, who was a diligent volunteer for the Sarnia Branch for over twelve years, prior to her untimely death in 1996.

Presented annually to the alumnus/alumna who best exemplifies Marsha Lampman's outstanding dedication and service to a Branch of the Queen's University Alumni Association.

Award Eligibility & Criteria

Candidates should be:

  • A Queen’s alumnus/alumna
  • A current or past volunteer within the Queen’s University Alumni Association Branches program
  • Someone who has made a significant, peer-recognized contribution as a Branch alumni volunteer to further engage our members in the life and work of the University and its association.

For more information about alumni awards, please contact Nikki Remillard, 613-533-6020 ext 78691. 

2019 - Nicholas Godwin, Artsci'11 - Calgary Branch

2018 - Edmond Chan, Artsci'97 - Hong Kong Branch

For the past 20 years, Edmond Chan has turned his volunteer efforts for the QUAA’s Hong Kong Branch into an art form. He has worked tirelessly in his role on the executive committee, consistently bringing a high measure of professionalism and dedication to his craft as organizer and leader. 

Mr. Chan has been responsible for many events through the years, such as organizing receptions for dignitaries visiting from Canada including Principal Leggett, Principal Woolf, and Provost Harrison. 

It was his remarkable feat last year, which really shone a light on his leadership and organizational talents. As one Hong Kong Branch representative said, “Edmond took on the very daunting task of Chair of the Advisory Committee for the 175th Celebrations in Hong Kong…Edmond was all in from the very beginning. I cannot express the amount of family time he spent on weekends and late nights to ensure everything was on track – so much so that we gave his wife a gift.”

Mr. Chan acted as the communications bridge between the Hong Kong alumni community and Kingston. Regardless of the significant time zone differences, he was engaged with Kingston at all hours of the day and night. Moreover, he did all this while at the same time continuing his career at the Financial Crime Compliance Department at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

2017 - Monica Dingle, Com'08 - Montreal Branch

Monica Dingle, Com’02, has served the Montreal Branch of the Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA) for the last six years.

When she went to Montreal to launch her law career, she found the alumni branch was barely in existence. Always one to turn an obstacle into an opportunity, Ms. Dingle set out to engage with local alumni. She reached out to the Queen’s Alumni Relations department and asked to be put in touch with the Montreal Alumni Branch President. The position was vacant, so she stepped up and enthusiastically took up the role of branch leader and grew the branch to what it is today.

Ms. Dingle made connections one person at a time, developing a Queen’s alumni network in Montreal. She mobilized alumni to support the Gaels sports teams when they competed at McGill, hosted a networking event at an art gallery owned by a Queen’s alumnus, organized pub nights and a number of networking events for young alumni.

Ms. Dingle obtained her Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s in 2002, where she participated in an exchange program with the Strasbourg Graduate School of Management. An accomplished athlete, she was the Queen’s sailing team’s first winner of the Mid-Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association’s (MAISA) Women’s Singlehanded Championship. She was inducted into the MAISA Hall of Fame and was awarded the Faye Bennet Trophy.

Following her studies at Queen’s, Ms. Dingle earned her undergraduate law degree from the University of Victoria. She also attended l’Université Paris II (Panthéon Assas) and the University of Montréal, where she earned a Bachelor of Civil Law in the city she has called home since her graduation in 2008, and where she is heavily involved with the arts.

Ms. Dingle’s passion and dedication to the alumni network makes her a worthy recipient of the Marsha Lampman Branch Volunteer Award.

Monica Dingle was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on April 8, 2017.

2016 - Zhaodi Culbreath, Sc'08 - Toronto Branch

Described as a man who “lives and breathes Queen’s spirit,” Zhaodi Culbreath’s, Sc’08, passion for Queen’s seems to know no bounds.  Since his first day on Queen’s campus, Mr. Culbreath has been promoting Queen’s and injecting a big dose of Queen’s spirit into his community.

Mr. Culbreath began his long-term relationship with Queen’s alumni as a summer student in 2003 in the Alumni Relations department.  As soon his status changed from student to alumnus in 2008 and he began his career in Toronto with Enbridge, Mr. Culbreath made his way to the Toronto Alumni Branch. 

His first order of business at the Toronto Branch was to fill a gap in membership. The young alumni demographic was missing from branch membership, so he started the Young Alumni Committee to gear events strictly to this ever-growing population in Toronto. Mr. Culbreath and his team staged sports outings, a patio series, pub nights, and networking events all in a successful bid to involve and inspire young Queen’s alumni. To recognize his effort on this initiative, he was named Branch Rising Star Award at the Alumni Volunteer Summit in 2012.

While president of the Toronto Branch for two years (2013-15), Mr. Culbreath was a key player on the Alumni Volunteer Summit Strategic Committee, an annual celebration and summit to connect, enrich, educate and celebrate Queen’s volunteers. He has continued to champion Queen’s spirit in Toronto leaving an indelible mark on the branch. As he moves on to a new chapter in his life in Calgary, his indomitable Queen’s spirit is sure to follow. 

Zhaodi Culbreath was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on April 2, 2016.

2015 - Jeremy Mosher, Artsci'08 - Calgary Branch

Through hard work, imagination, and leadership, Jeremy Mosher has accomplished a lot during his two years as President, Calgary Branch. His warm and inclusive manner has attracted many new alumni to get involved with the branch. A creative thinker, he is always coming up with new ideas to engage and bring out the best in his fellow alumni.

Mr. Mosher has been selfless in committing his time and energy to the Calgary executive, and instrumental in putting into place a sustainable volunteer structure that will be employed for years to come. He also played a significant role in creating a student outreach program to raise awareness about branch and university opportunities, educating and informing students about the opportunities available to them as alumni.

In 2014, Mr. Mosher embraced the role of Director for the Alumni Volunteer Summit with the QUAA Board of Directors, a professional development conference for reunion coordinators, alumni branch executives and members of the Queen’s community, and helped develop a professional conference that continues to enrich the volunteer experience. 

Jeremy Mosher was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on March 28, 2015.


Mitch, Arts'53 and Wilda Andriesky, Arts'59, MA'61 - Kingston Branch
Sarah Chan, Artsci/PHE'08 - Toronto Branch

2012 - Corry Bazley, Com'92 - New York Branch

2011 - Josephine Tsang, PhD'06 - Calgary Branch

2010 - Sue Bates, Artsci'91 - Kingston Branch

2009 - Susan and Todd Bright, Arts/PHE'86, Ed'87 - Niagara Branch

2008 - Elaine Wu, Artsci'98, MIR'00, Law'03 - Toronto Branch


Sophie Sommerer, Artsci'98 - Ottawa Branch
Ernie Jury, Sc'55, MBA'62 - Ottawa Over 50's Branch


Andy King, Artsci'95, Sc'95 - Paris Branch
Mary Reed, Artsci'84 - Arizona Branch


George Toller, Arts'49 - Ottawa Branch
Joyi Wei, Sc'94 - Calgary Branch


Klaus Schaefer, Sc'69, MA'71 - Germany Branch
Marisia Campbell, Artsci'94 - Ottawa Branch


D. Montgomery Sennett, Com'48 - Arizona Branch
Michelle Suzanne Wright, Sc'95, MSc'96 - Calgary Branch


Kim Sturgess, Sc'77 - Calgary Branch
Colin Finn, Sc'82 - Northern California Branch


Charis Kelso, Law'91 - Toronto Branch
Cathy TeKamp, Artsci'70 - Brockville Branch


Fred Siemonsen, Sc'54 - Kingston Branch
Kim Glen, Artsci'73 - Okanagan Branch


Glen Ardley, Sc'79 - Colorado Branch
Raquel Fragoso Peters, Artsci'93 - Ottawa Branch
Robert Pitt, MA'82 - St. John's Branch


Grant Gazdig, Com'89 - Big Apple Branch
Diane Jared, Artsci'80 - UK Branch


Janet Cassidy, Artsci'86, Ed'87 - Durham Branch
Martha Crane, BA'76, BED'77 (deceased) - Kitchener Branch
Jolene Hopwood, Artsci'70, Ed'71, MEd'86 - Kingston Branch
Kingston Seniors Club - Kingston Branch
Ottawa Over 50's Club - Ottawa Branch


Joe Lougheed, Artsci'87 - Calgary Branch
Kin Kee Pang, Artsci'70 - Hong Kong Branch

1995 - Brian Gaunce, Sc'83 Northern - California Branch

Spring 1994

Denise Lawson, Sc'86, MSc'90 - Vancouver Branch
Paul Price, Artsci'82 - Calgary Branch


Sarah Dalton, Artsci'88 - Ottawa Branch
Arthur Joynt, Arts'73 - Northumberland Branch

Spring 1993

Bruce Hay, Meds'58 and Margaret Hay - Victoria Branch
Kip Summers, Com'56 - Kitchener Branch

Fall 1993 - Carl Woodside, BA'43 (deceased) - Haldimand/Norfold Branch

Spring 1992

Marsha Lampman, BA'74 (deceased) - Sarnia Branch
Cheryl Johnston, Artsci'01 - Brockville Branch
Dan Moziar, Sc'58 - Guelph Branch

Fall 1992

Sandy Blasco, Arts'68, Ed'69 - Halifax Branch
Rick Powers, Arts/PHE'78, MBA'83, Law'86 - Toronto Branch