Rising Star Volunteer Award

Gala Award

This award is presented annually to a new (within the last two years) alumni association volunteer whose exemplary contribution and commitment set an example for others to follow.

Award Eligibility & Criteria

Candidates should be:

  • A Queen’s alumnus/alumna
  • A current and active volunteer within the Queen’s University Alumni Association, including but not limited to: the QUAA Board, Branches, Reunions, and Chapters
  • Someone who has made significant progress, demonstrated innovation or accomplished meaningful impact, as a volunteer for the Queen’s University Alumni Association.

For more information about alumni awards, please contact Nikki Remillard, 613-533-6020 ext 78691. 

2019 - Stephanie Beakbane, Artsci'12 - Toronto Branch

2018 - Julia Reid, Artsci’08 - New York City Branch

As president of the New York Alumni Branch, Julia Reid embodies the Queen’s spirit through her activism and enthusiastic participation in Queen’s events in New York. She continuously strives to grow, engage and strengthen the alumni community.

Always a dedicated Queen’s student, Ms. Reid excelled at her time at the Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex. Although she didn’t know it during her time there, she would marry someone who also attended the Castle. She met Jamie at an alumni event held at Canada House in Trafalgar Square, and they married in 2014.

While working as a young professional in London, Ms. Reid sharpened her communications and marketing skills. She arrived in New York with her new husband, ready to take on the complex and competitive work of public relations, public affairs, social networking and digital marketing. 

Her busy career has not dampened her Queen’s spirit. In fact, it seems to have fueled it. As soon as she arrived in New York she made contact with the QUAA Branch, where she sought volunteer opportunities. In 2015 she became president. Ms. Reid also supports the Queen's alumni community through the following roles: Queen's Connects Career Network Alumni Mentor, Alumni Career Liaison Volunteer for the Department of English, and Alumni Volunteer Summit Planning Committee Member. 

2017 - Theresa Wetzel, Artsci'07 - Toronto Branch

Demonstrating outstanding leadership and commitment to the Queen’s alumni community, Theresa Wetzel, Artsci’07, has been a bright, rising star in her roles within the Toronto Branch of the Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA), first as VP Operations in 2013 and then as Branch President in 2015.

Ms. Wetzel helped to introduce a new, more innovative approach to activities in the branch. Events became less frequent, but were of higher quality and appealed to a wider segment of the alumni population. Ms. Wetzel provided leadership and support to produce events such as Queen’s Night Out, which saw more than 300 young alumni attend and connect with each other. As a result, Toronto Branch events now have a reputation for a higher level of quality and engagement.

Ms. Wetzel has also helped to further crystallize the branch’s mission with a new threepart slogan: Connect, Educate, and Celebrate. Celebrating Queen’s alumni is a strong component of branch activities.

Her leadership skills extend to mentoring and supporting the young alumni who serve on branch committees and sub-committees under her careful guidance.

Ms. Wetzel’s star shines just as brightly outside of her commitment to Queen’s. She is a leader in the field of event management and is a firstdegree black belt in karate. She has also continued her education to achieve a Certificate in Sustainability Management.

Under Ms. Wetzel’s direction, the Toronto Branch has evolved to become a leader in alumni programming and continues to set a positive example for other branches to follow.

Theresa Wetzel was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on April 7, 2018.

2016 - Adam Shetler, Sc'08 - Calgary Branch

Adam Shetler, Sc’08, displays all the qualities of a leader. Since he became president of the Calgary Branch in 2014, and earlier while he was on the Branch Executive, Mr. Shetler has been a key figure in the Queen’s community in Calgary. He has led the mentorship program, stewarded volunteers, and extended support to the Calgary community after the precipitous decline in oil prices, all while advancing a promising career at Suncor. He even helped design the branch logo.

Mr. Shetler has made significant contributions to the national QUAA agenda. A devoted champion for community involvement, he has served on the Alumni Volunteer Summit Strategic committee for almost three years, working tirelessly to connect participants and encourage participation. 

Mr. Shetler’s focus on community building is manifested by the amount of collaboration that now occurs between branches. Whether it be his mentorship of the Winnipeg and Edmonton branches, or building connections between Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, Mr. Shetler’s commitment to the QUAA continues to build a strong Global Branch Network. A dedicated professional and a community volunteer who always finds time for his family, Adam Shetler’s star continues to rise and shine brightly. 

Adam was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on April 2, 2016.

2015 - Melissa Pogue, Artsci'09 - Toronto Branch

Melissa Pogue, long-time volunteer with the Toronto Branch, truly makes a difference among Queen’s alumni through her passion, commitment and enthusiasm for Queen’s alumni.

As a student, Ms. Pogue experienced first-hand the value of giving back to one’s alma mater. She volunteered her time with the Queen’s Student Alumni Association as VP of Giving and in 2009 became Co-chair of ThankQ, a student giving campaign run by graduating students to benefit future students. Ms. Pogue is always happy to talk to alumni about her experiences and quick to thank donors for their contributions. It is no surprise that as an alumna, Ms. Pogue is both a donor and a volunteer for the QUAA. Her involvement with the Toronto Branch has given her the opportunity to showcase her exceptional professionalism and leadership abilities. 

Melissa was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on March 28, 2015.

2014 - Monica Dingle, Com'02 - Montreal Branch

2012 - Zhaodi Culbreath, Sc'08 - Toronto Branch

2011 - Jeremy Mosher, Artsci'08 - Calgary Branch

2010 - Jessica Dolmer, Artsci'06, Artsci'07 - Toronto Branch

2009 - Tara Swords, Artsci'02, Ed'03 - Halifax Branch

2008 - Brad Kohlsmith, Sc'02 - Calgary Branch

2007 - Sarah Langstaff, PhD'98 - Toronto Branch

2006 - Allison Moore, Com'04 - Calgary Branch

2005 - Sarah Renaud, Artsci'96 - Toronto Branch

2004 - Jennifer Mohan, Artsci'91 - Victoria Branch

2003 - Mary Reed, Artsci'84 - Arizona Branch

2002 - Kellogg Ngai, Artsci'97 - Hong Kong Branch

2001 - Elizabeth Dowdell, Artsci'93, Ed'94 - Bermuda Branch

2000 - Kate Owens, Artsci'98 - Montreal Branch