A Black man sits in a blue t-shirt with a serious expression, a Black woman in a light blue blouse, with white earrings, and a dark blue hair scarf looking in the opposite direction, sits on his lap. They are both on a wicker chair.
INTRO X DJ, Songs of the Gullah Campaign Image, 2020. Courtesy of the artist - Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Agnes - Style as Armour

Virtual event

Join us for the online event Style as Armour: Identity, Clothing, and Self-Fashioning as part of the History is Rarely Black or White speaker series hosted by the Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Jason Cyrus is in conversation with Julie Crooks and Nigel Lezama to explore the use of style to both affirm one's personhood and challenge oppression. Together they examine archival tintypes Victorian cotton clothing, and contemporary portraiture to shine a light on clothing's important role in constructing Black identity. 

About the Speakers

Jason Cyrus

Jason analyses fashion and textile history to explore questions of identity, cultural exchange, and agency. He is the 2021 Isabel Bader Fellow in Textile Conservation and Research at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. He has held research posts at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum. In January 2020, he curated York University’s first fashion exhibition, ReFraming Gender. 

Julie Crooks

Julie's area of specialty is vernacular photography of West Africa and the diaspora. She is the Curator, Arts of Global Africa and the Diaspora at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Prior to joining the AGO in 2017, Crooks curated exhibitions for many organizations including BAND (Black Artists Networks in Dialogue) and the Royal Ontario Museum’s Of Africa project.

Nigel Lezama

Nigel is an associate professor in the Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures department of Brock University. Examining how marginalized and peripheral fashion and luxury practices transform dominant culture, Lezama works at the intersection of fashion, luxury, literary, and cultural studies.

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