Elevate Artsci Kingston Guest Speakers, Dr. Sara Nabil and Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan
Guest Speakers, Dr.Sara Nabil and Dr.Ahmed E. Hassan

Elevate Queen's: Kingston Edition

Kingston, ON

What if everyday objects became interactive, seamlessly merging art and technology? Join us at "Elevate Queen's" in Kingston on October 12 for a captivating event where imagination meets innovation!

Come participate in a ‘Ted-Talk Style’ lecture, hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Science, to bring together experts and enthusiasts and delve into the world of groundbreaking work happening here!

We will have a special discussion with guest speakers Dr. Sara Nabil and Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan:

Dr. Sara Nabil: Step into a world where future tech transforms everyday objects into smart, interactive marvels with Dr. Sara Nabil, Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Interaction Design at the School of Computing, affiliated with the Cultural Studies Department, and the founder and director of the iStudio Research Laboratory. Her groundbreaking research merges art, design, and technology to create a more connected and sustainable future. Don't miss her session on "How Future Tech will be Smart Everyday Things: the Rise of Interactive Interiors."

Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan: What if software became more intuitive, efficient, and capable of transforming industries and society as a whole? Join Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan, a Mustafa Prize laureate and leader of the Software Analysis and Intelligence Lab (SAIL), as he introduces a new vision of software called Software 5.0. Discover how Foundation/Large Models (FM) are revolutionizing software engineering practices and platforms, reshaping the industry for the future. As the NSERC/RIM Industrial Research Chair in Software Engineering for Ultra Large Scale Systems and the Canada Research Chair in Software Analytics at Queen's University, he is reshaping the industry with his expertise in software evolution, architecture, and performance testing. Don't miss his enlightening session on "Software 5.0: Software in the Foundation/Large Models Era."

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to explore the "what ifs" and gain insights from these remarkable speakers! Together, let's elevate our knowledge and make a lasting impact!

This event will take place at Mitchell Hall, Rose Event Commons. Located at the Rose Innovation Hub, this space is a great forefront for technological advances and great work being accomplished at Queen's. 

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Rose Event Commons, Mitchell Hall at Queen's University
Room 103, 69 Union Street
Kingston ON

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