Nursing Students at Graduation

School of Nursing Open House

Join us for a walk down memory lane at the Cataraqui Building, reconnect with fellow alumni and meet the School of Nursing's new Director, tour the simulation lab. With the rapid development of virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and advanced haptics, simulation is about to take a tremendous leap forward. The Clinical Simulation Centre at the Queen’s University evaluates emerging technologies and leverages their potential to advance the use of simulation. The goal – more effective, more efficient learning.

Tours of the building are complimentary. For $25 you can also enjoy a hot breakfast with the new director and current nursing students. Registration Required. 

The Cataraqui Building is only partially accessible. Most activities will be taking place on the first floor which is accessible. However, the simulation lab is on the second floor, which is only accessible by stairs. 

Event Details

Tours: Free
Breakfast: $25
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