[Barbara Palk]

Distinguished Service Award profile: Barbara Palk, Arts’73

Former Queen’s Board of Trustees chair Barbara Palk, Arts’73, is one of six members of the Queen’s community who will be honoured on Nov. 5 with the Distinguished Service Award.

The award has been handed out by University Council since 1974 to recognize individuals who have made Queen’s a better place through their extraordinary contributions.

Ms. Palk has been actively involved with her alma mater in many ways. She was elected to the Queen’s Board of Trustees in 2002 and became vice chair in 2010 and chair in 2012 before recently stepping down. Many of her fellow board members praise her leadership and positive impact on the governance of Queen’s. Ms. Palk also served on the Initiative Campaign Cabinet – the university’s recent and most ambitious campaign that inspired more than $640 million in donations.

Ms. Palk answered a few questions about receiving this year’s Distinguished Service Award and reflect on her time at Queen’s.

Question: How does it feel to receive the Distinguished Service Award?

Answer: I am flattered and delighted. It is quite the honour.

Question: What do you like best about volunteering at Queen’s?

Answer: Giving back to Queen’s is important to me and is so fulfilling. I have learned a lot, met many amazing people – from students, to staff, faculty and administration. Best of all I have been able to rekindle old friendships with many alumnae.

Question: What accomplishment that you achieved at Queen’s are most proud of?

Answer: I am most pleased that Queen’s is on a steady course toward financial sustainability. We are blessed to have a talented principal with an excellent administrative team and a thoughtful board. Together we will achieve that goal.

Question:  What do you think makes Queen’s a special place?

Answer: Queen’s holds a special place in everyone’s heart who has stepped onto campus. We are all proud of our heritage of over 175 years, our spectacular accomplishments to date and to an exciting future.

This year’s other Distinguished Service Award recipients are Faculty of Education professor Lynda Colgan, Ken Cuthbertson (Arts’74, Law’83), David Pattenden (Arts'67, MA'69, Law'71, MEd'74, LLD '03), Bob Pritchard (Sc’64), and Innes van Nostrand (Sc’86).

Everyone is welcome to attend the Distinguished Service Award dinner on Nov.5.