Queen's University logo; National Philanthropy Week: Thank You!

Queen’s Celebrates National Philanthropy Week

Every November 15, fundraising professionals around the world celebrate National Philanthropy Day to recognize the efforts of donors and volunteers and their extraordinary impact on the world.  

At Queen’s, we believe our donors and volunteers deserve more than a single day of recognition, so last year we began a new tradition of celebrating National Philanthropy Week. 

National Philanthropy Week is our chance to show our appreciation for the amazing members of the Queen’s community who demonstrate connection and perseverance through generous spirit, volunteerism, and philanthropy every year, but especially during this challenging year.

To kick-start the campaign, we shared a video tour of Mitchell Hall that featured students expressing their appreciation for how the innovative space had an impact their experience at Queen’s. Thanks to donor support, Mitchell Hall’s ground-breaking features are housing a new generation of students that will change the world. 

Next we shared Alumni donor spotlights throughout the week, focusing on the efforts of Stephanie Beakbane, Artsci’12, Lisa Hood, Artsci’04, The Reid Family (James, Arsti'04, Julia Artsci’08), Susan Calder, Artsci’96 and Rico Garcia, Artsci’14. Each of them has dedicated time and effort to giving back, and their generosity has a direct impact on our students, our community, and our world. 

Spotlight alumna Lisa Hood sums up why she gives back to Queen’s: “I believe strongly in the value of education. There is a lot to worry about in the world today, and I believe that critical thinking and respectful debate would go a long way to bringing down some of the barriers we collectively face. Universities offer the space for this kind of deep social learning at a time when many of us are firming up our identities, and if I can help make the space for that for even one person, I feel proud of my contribution. 

We celebrate National Philanthropy Week because of you. So many people are able to have wonderful experiences and memories at Queen’s because of the incredible support of the alumni community. Know that, always, #QueensThanksU.