Queen’s To Receive Four Schulich Leader Scholarships

Schulich Leader Scholarships, created by Canadian business leader and philanthropist Seymour Schulich, is helping four bright students attend Queen’s University.

Four Queen’s students will receive scholarships this year, two will receive $60,000 while the other two will receive $80,000. All four are studying in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines. 

“We are thankful and proud the Schulich Leader Scholarships has provided this substantial gift to the Queen’s community. It’s a terrific program and another testament to Seymour Schulich’s strong commitment to higher education and scholarship, and to the nurturing of the next generation of Canadian leaders,” says Queen’s Principal Daniel Woolf. “Queen’s and the Schulich Leader Scholarships have a shared vision – both organizations are trying to create the leaders of tomorrow."

The four Schulich Leader Scholars studying at Queen’s this fall are Lin Wei Tung (Chilliwack, B.C.), Mary Hickox (Stratford, PEI), Sandra Chan (Calgary), and Sandra Smeltzer (Harrow, Ont.)Schulich’s scholarship program encourages students to embrace STEM disciplines.

“Fostering leadership in STEM fields is vital to Canada’s economic prosperity,” said Schulich. “It is immensely important to invest in the next generation of technology innovators as they develop and hone their minds and skills to contribute to our national and global community. This country has already produced exceptional Schulich Leaders since its founding in 2011.”

The Schulich Leader Scholarships awards 100 scholarships annually, 50 in Canada and 50 in Israel, valued at $5 million. Schulich Leaders can devote their time and attention to their studies, as most of their financial needs are covered. As a result, many of Canada’s highest potential students are being awarded these scholarships and will make remarkable contributions to society. Students are selected based on academic excellence, financial need, and/or outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership.

Every high school across Canada is allowed to submit one student as a Schulich Leader nominee. Nominations for next year are due by Feb. 2, 2016, with students completing their formal application by Feb. 23, 2016.