Nobel Prize in Physics

Nobel Chemistry Prize Winner to Inspire Queen’s Students, Researchers

Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative brings research leaders to campus on Sept. 25 to meet and share inspirational stories with the public and the next generation of scientists.

The Ewan Lecture Series: Accessible Astrophysics

Professor Emeritus Dr. George Ewan wants to ensure that particle astrophysics research is understandable to all and credits his late wife Maureen as his inspiration. 

Investing in the Next Generation

Learn more about emeritus professor in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Dr. Ewan who focused on nuclear physics and sub-atomic research, particularly the solar neutrino problem and his gift back to Queen's.

Alumni Reflections: Ottawa Branch President, Jenn Pelley, MPA'09, on hosting Queen’s Nobel Laureate

Ottawa Branch President Jenn Pelley shares her experience of hosting an event for Queen's Nobel Laureate.

Order Of Canada Honours Five Alumni And One Professor

Human rights lawyer Fiona Sampson, Artsci’85, LLB’93, loves to fight for the under privileged – First Nations, refugees, the physically challenged, and particularly women and girls in Africa.

Alumnus Gets “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Opportunity To Photograph Nobel Ceremony

The Queen’s alumni network has helped graduates make connections, start their careers, and in one rare case, led to the opportunity to photograph the 2015 Nobel Prize.

Alumni, Patricia and Gordon Gray, Contribute to Nobel-Winning Research in Astrophysics

Walk into Gordon and Patricia Gray’s Toronto-area home and the first thing you’ll notice is the chair.