Young Alumni Events Set to Welcome Class of 2017

New grads posing with Boo Hoo

The Branch network of the Queen’s University Alumni Association is trying to help the Class of 2017 deal with their FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) while at the same time help them network, build their careers and make a few new friends.

The Branches are hosting events in the next few weeks to welcome the new graduates and young alumni to the Queen’s Global Alumni Network and keep their tricolour memories fresh in their minds (including memories of Club Stauff, Orientation Week, and even the fear of aggressive squirrels.)

“We want the Class of 2017 and young alumni to know their relationship to Queen’s does not end when they graduate. It is a lifelong connection,” says Associate Director of Alumni and Student Engagement Liz Gorman. “We are hoping these welcoming events show how wide the Queen’s Global Alumni Network extends and that new grads can tap into it regardless of where they are in the world.”

The first young alumni event took place on Sept. 7 in Paris and there are more scheduled:

Queen’s is well known for its strong alumni network so new grads are encouraged to come out and start to network, seek career advice from successful alumni, stay connected with friends, or make new ones.

There are 14 Branches hosting young alumni events, but new grads are encouraged to connect at any time with the approximately 50 alumni Branches and contacts located around the world, including Los Angeles, London (UK), Germany, and United Arab Emirates.

Queen’s has been making efforts to engage with young alumni. This year’s Homecoming features events specifically for new grads (called Reunion Zero) and alumni who graduated five years ago (Class of 2012).

“Students for a short time but alumni for a lifetime. Your connection to Queen’s takes a different form after you graduate, but that connection is with you forever if you choose to take advantage of it,” says Ms. Gorman.

Visit the Queen’s alumni events calendar for a full list of upcoming young alumni events.