Jeremy Gooden
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Jeremy Gooden on Changing the Trajectory

Jeremy Gooden, Sc’16

Jeremy Gooden is a recipient of The Robert & Eva (Bertram) Cole Ontario Bursary, awarded based on demonstrated financial need and involvement in extra-curricular activities to students entering their first year of any first-entry undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Arts and Science or the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Jeremy shared the ways in which financial assistance impacted his life:

Choosing a university where I would have the greatest scholarship funding to reduce the burden of loans was a driving force for me. When I arrived at Queen’s, though, there were many more things which drew me in: the community; the friends (I met my wife on day 1); and the environment is something I’ve grown to love.

The burden to take on many jobs during the academic year to pay for school was completely removed with financial aid. Being a student, I could focus on grades, extra-curricular activities, and getting involved in the community. I was able to have time to give back to other students in different ways, so I got involved with the Engineering Society and the library. Financial aid lightened the load in terms of what I needed to do to afford school. I’ve been able to start my career free of debt and am now focusing on my career in management consulting. Without the awards and financial assistance, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Being an alumnus, I am passionate about paying it forward. I’m on the Board of Trustees and University Council and used to chair the Queen’s Young Engineering Alumni association in the Greater Toronto Area. Financial assistance has changed the trajectory of my life, and I would encourage alumni to consider donating to Queen’s to give students the same experience they had, which has helped them get to where they are today.

I would like to say to the family of Robert and Eva (Bertram) Cole, since they are no longer with us, that their generosity completely changed the trajectory of both my life and that of my immediate family. I feel eternally grateful and will continue to pay it forward and encourage others to do the same.