Catherine Davidson wearing a white collar shirt with a stethoscope around their neck
Catherine Davidson
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Nursing student sets her sights on a future in neonatal care

Catherine Davidson, BNSc’25

My heart has always been drawn to Queen’s University – the beautiful architecture, the many places for students to study, and plenty of campus resources available. I was also very attracted to the size of the nursing program. With smaller class sizes, the faculty can dedicate more time and resources to students to ensure both success and enjoyment of the program. Having multiple local health care settings in Kingston, nursing students obtain a diverse experience in clinical practice compared to other nursing programs in Ontario. I feel a sense of “home away from home” and am excited to spend the next four years here.

As a recipient of The School of Nursing 75th Anniversary Bursary, I have been granted many opportunities. As someone independently financing myself through post-secondary school, this bursary has helped fund my education and reduce the number of hours I work as a student. In turn, I have dedicated far more hours to studying and improving my academic standing, which has relieved some stressors faced as a university student. With this additional time, I have also been able to join extracurricular programs, such as the Nursing Orientation Committee which is a student committee that organizes undergraduate Orientation. Looking forward to graduation and life as a registered nurse, I aim to focus my employment on neonatal care. By receiving this bursary, I am one step closer to achieving my dreams of helping mothers, fathers, families, and newborns as they start their journeys together.

Without this award, I would not be in the position I am today. I am forever grateful to the generous donors who contribute so that students like me can attend university. With their help, I have been granted the opportunity to enter a fantastic program alongside my bright and hardworking peers. Earning an education at Queen’s would not be possible without the surrounding community helping students.