2022-2023 Undergraduate Art History Courses

2022-2023 Winter Term

ARTH 120: Art in the West from Antiquity to Modernity (full-year)

A full-year survey of over 1000 years of Western paintings, sculptures, and architecture -- and the political, cultural, economic, and social factors that surround that art.

Instructor: D. Cunningham (Fall), K. Romba (Winter).

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ARTH 202: / HIST 241 Topics title: From Confinement to Cultural Heritage: Digital Preservation and the History of Kingston Penitentiary.

Offered jointly by the Departments of Art History and Art Conservation & History, this interdisciplinary course offers students a rare opportunity to learn how to use specialized 3D laser imaging technology to digitally document a National Historic Site, the Kingston Penitentiary.

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ARTH 210: Intro to Technical Art History

An artwork's origins: Technical Art History looks closely at the materials and techniques used to create art -- from Classical Antiquity to Piet Mondrian's abstract paintings -- and better understand how and why these artworks were created.

Instructor: R. Spronk.

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ARTH 212: Medieval Art

Backed by the expansive histories of Early Christianity, Islam, and the papacy, this course explores the art and architecture of c.300-1400, including the Arch of Constantine to Hagia Sophia, the Book of Kells, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, and Chartres Cathedral.

Instructor: Dr. Dawn Cunningham.

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ARTH 215: Renaissance Art and Architecture after 1500

Ever wonder why the Mona Lisa smiles or Michelangelo's David has such big hands? Immerse yourself in the beautiful, monstrous, and violent art of the Renaissance and study the lords, ladies, popes, preachers, and pornographers for whom this art was made.

Instructor: U. D'Elia.

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ARTH 220: Socially Engaged Art

Can art play a role in creating social change? What are the implications of involving art and its audiences in social justice work? 

Instructor: J. Kennedy.

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ARTH 242: Photography

ARTH 242: Photography

Today alone, more than 100 million new photos will be shared on Instagram—far more than were taken during the first 100 years of photography. Learn how the invention of photography in the 1830s changed the world.

Instructor: M. Rombout.

ARTH 243: Introduction to African Arts

Immerse yourself in the vast, vibrant, and fascinating art and visual cultures of Africa. This course will introduce you to traditional and ceremonial arts, and bring you up to the contemporary, while examining the changing contexts of cultural objects as they travel outside the continent.

Instructor: J. Bevilacqua.

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ARTH 307: Romanesque: Art and Historicism in Europe c. 800-1150

The tension of the Romanesque period: an up-close look at the art and history that comes out of the cultural battles between kings and popes, monks and theologians, citizens and rulers, and Christians and Muslims.

Instructor: Dr. Dawn Cunningham.

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ARTH 341: Photography and Society

ARTH 341: Photography and Society

What happens when you mix cameras with social protests and public demonstrations? In this class you’ll explore how photography changes the way we relate to each other, our political worlds, and our social norms. 

Instructor: M. Rombout.

ARTH 354: Age of Rembrandt

A deep dive into 17th-century Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn and his contemporaries, placed against a backdrop of modern colonialism and Dutch artists' responses to issues of race, class, and gender.

Instructor: S. Dickey.

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ARTH 383: The City

How can our cities be sustainable? We look at the design of cities as well as the confluences of nature, culture, technology, and economics in those spaces.

Instructor: K. Romba.

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ARTH 395: Internship

Education in practice: Art History and Fine Art students can apply for a practical internship at a museum or gallery, taking on research or curatorial activities. Applications must be approved in advance by the Undergraduate Chair. 

Instructor: Various.

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ARTH 402/807: Materials and Technique of Netherlandish Painting

Early Netherlandish paintings, as material objects, are complex layered structures that were produced with a broad range of materials in distinct stages: This seminar will focus on the materials and techniques of Jheronimus Bosch (d. 1516).

Instructor. R. Spronk.

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ARTH 404: Topics in Conservation: Thinking through Conservation

ARTH 404: Topics in Conservation: Thinking through Conservation

Did Kim Kardashian ruin Marilyn Monroe's dress? If one of the bulbs in a Dan Flavin installation burns out, can you replace it? Does an artwork retain its meaning and authenticity after conservation?


Instructor: A. Behan.

ARTH 420/868: Art & Activism

The goals of the seminar are inspired by Blueprint for a Counter Education, a 1970 “counter-university,” which took the form of a poster series and accompanying publication mapping the lines of mutual influence between radical political thought, activism, and artistic practices from modernism to the present. 

Instructor. J. Kennedy.

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ARTH 490: Topics in Word and Image - Learned Ladies in Early Modern Northern Europe

Despite traditional misogynist literature, women in early modern Europe created a community where they could defy cultural stereotypes and exchange ideas, be creative, and produce knowledge in arts and sciences.

Instructor: S. Dickey.

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