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Featured Fall 2016 Courses

Check out these featured courses for Fall Term 2016

BIOL 110:Human Genetics and Evolution
The course will provide an overview of the most basic concepts in genetics and how they apply to humans. The goal is to provide non-biologists with sufficient understanding of the field of genetics to support a basic understanding of many topical issues in modern society.

DRAM 251: Playwriting and Dramaturgy I
The best way to learn about playwriting is to write plays! In this hands-on course, you'll write the first draft of a one-act play with guidance from your instructor and input from your peers. 

FRST 125: Basic Business French
Students will learn how to understand texts in the areas of administrative correspondence, personnel issues, basic financial reporting, and advertising. Explanations are given in English, all materials to be analyzed are in French.

MUSC 289: World Musics
You'll explore a variety of musical practices from around the globe in this introduction to the study of music in culture, based on world music traditions.

PHGY 170: Mammalian Cell Physiology
Learn the principles of energy metabolism, cell growth and proliferation, and how cells interact with their environment. Students taking this course will be well-prepared for upper year molecular biology courses.

SOCY 122: Introduction to Sociology
This course will introduce you to the sociological perspective and the way sociologists approach and study the social world.

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