Physical Fitness and Wellness

HLTH 200/3.0


HLTH 200, Physical Health and Wellness, introduces the principles of planning a personal fitness program. This 12-week course will focus on 11 different topics.

This course will consist of four modules that focus on (1) the importance of physical activity in relation to health and wellness, (2) the adaptations and benefits to exercising, (2) how to exercise effectively, and (4) how to design to implement a training program.

The course will give students the ability to identify quality training programs by applying the principles of training and specific program development concepts. This course is designed so that students receive feedback from their TAs/Instructor on formative elements of a training program catered to a mock case study. When completed, students should be able to utilize the course information to begin to design and tailor a personalized fitness and wellness program to their specific interests and needs.

Course content will be delivered primarily through course notes and videos. Additional readings and viewings, accessible via the timeline and the module overviews will periodically be provided to reinforce course material.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of HLTH 200, students will be able to:

  1. Explain how exercise and physical activity impacts health. 

  1. Explain how the human body responds and adapts to exercise based on the principles of exercise physiology.

  1. Apply the principles of exercise, including frequency, intensity, type, time, and technique to create a satisfying and safe exercise experience for participants. 

  1. Create and assess an exercise program that synthesizes course concepts to account for the psychological and physiological contexts of a participant. 

  1. Effectively adapt exercises and cueing to help clients meet their goals in a simulated session. 


Winter 2023
Course Dates
Delivery Mode


20% - Module Quizzes (x4)
20% - Personal Exercise Plan and Reflection
25% - Client Exercise Plan
35% - Take-Home Exam

**Evaluation Subject to Change**

Live Tutorials 

The live tutorials in this course are optional and informal.  They will be lead by the course team and offer students the opportunity to discuss and explore course concepts.  These sessions will be recorded for students who cannot attend the scheduled tutorial. 

Instructor Information

Dr. Nicole Beamish (

Textbook and Materials

ASO reserves the right to make changes to the required material list as received by the instructor before the course starts. Please refer to the Campus Bookstore website at to obtain the most up-to-date list of required materials for this course before purchasing them.


All other course materials will be available through OnQ and Course eReserves. 

Time Commitment

Students can expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week (120 hours per term) on study/practice and online activity for this course.