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Lecture Capture


In 2008 The Virtualization Task Force was charged with examining the potential for use of information technology and electronic media in reducing costs of instruction, alleviating space constraints associated with growing enrolment, and enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning environment at Queen's. The term virtualization was chosen to be intentionally broad in scope, in order to capture all facets of the use of media and information technologies as they are used in the teaching and learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom. In the short term, it was recognized that there was a need to experiment with a variety of teaching models and that this experimentation would require the cooperation of experts in teaching and learning, technology, and specific disciplines. As part of this examination a system was developed which allowed for automatic capturing and uploading to a streaming server of live lectures within a large lecture hall.

The System

This fully-automated capture system records presentation content that is displayed on the projector and audio that is sent to the speakers.  The system doesn't restrict the presenter from being creative. Digitizing only PowerPoint would provide a short term solution, but it would not give Queen's University the flexibility to adapt to new technologies and future presentation requirements.

Lecture Capture System Instructions

For more information about our lecture capture system please contact Andrea Phillipson at andrea.phillipson@queensu.ca or contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning at ctl@queensu.ca.