Cybersecurity Education and Awareness Program FAQs

IT Services has gathered a listing of frequently asked questions regarding our cybersecurity education and awareness program. If you have a question that is not found on the list, please fill out the Online Support Form or call us at 613-533-6666.

The purpose of the Education and Awareness Program is to educate all faculty, staff and students on cybersecurity best practices, create awareness on how to identify cybersecurity threats, and instill learning on how to respond to them.

At this time, the students, staff and faculty can take part in the program:

  • Degree completing students - Any individual enrolled in one or more degree completing course in the current academic term
  • Employees - Faculty, Staff, Librarian, Casual, Student Contract, Faculty Emeritus

It is expected that members of the Queen's community will complete the modules assigned to them as part of the Cybersecurity Education and Awareness Program. The program will help you understand, recognize, prevent, and respond to security incidents to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Queen’s information and resources.

Program includes:

Interactive Training: This includes Annual training and supplementary Role-Based training specific to your function at the University.

Awareness Material: This includes cybersecurity material that will be updated quarterly on the IT Services website.

Annual training occurs in October and provides baseline cybersecurity training to everyone. Role-based training occurs throughout each year and is specific to your role at Queen's and the type of data you access. Annual and role-based training is refreshed each year to reflect current cybersecurity topics and threats.

Annual training will take approximately 20 minutes every October to complete, and role-based training will take 10-20 minutes throughout each year, depending upon your role.

  • For Users: It will allow you to develop skills that are transferable beyond the workplace to protect yourself in digital environments.
  • For Queen’s University: Completing the training modules supports your role in maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Queen’s information and resources.

You will receive an email invitation from with a link to access your training assignment(s). You can also access your current assignments at Use your NetID and password to log in to the platform. Core training invitations will be sent out annually in mid-October and Role-Based training invitations will be sent out every three or six months (depending on your role).

Queen’s Cybersecurity Awareness Education training will be offered annually. Annual and role-based training content will be refreshed each year to reflect current cybersecurity topics and threats. 

Please contact the IT Support Centre at with any questions by filling out online help form.

The Education and Awareness Training Program has been customized for the Queen's environment to leverage the services and tools offered at Queen's (e.g. Office365, Teams, NetID, Secure Electronic Destruction, Reporting Suspicious or Unwanted Emails).

The training platform uses Single-Sign-On (SSO). It is possible you are already signed into another SSO account in your browser. Please try pasting the training link ( in an incognito/private browsing window or logging out of your other SSO account (typically Outlook).