Service Fees

IT Services offers many services to the Queen's community at no cost; however, certain services are only provided when requested by a faculty or department with the understanding that these services carry an associated service fee.

The table below provides information on common costs associated with service fees and the associated fee amounts that will be recovered by IT Services.

Description of Recoverable Service Service Fee/Amount
Payment Card Industry (PCI) access set-up $110 per request
Virtual Server Hosting - set-up fee $500 per request
Virtual Server Hosting - capacity storage $4.80/GB per year
CPU for Server Hosting $50/CPU per year
Virtual Server Hosting - memory $50/GB per year
Additional network card $100/card per year
Storage for AD (Active Directory) $0.36/GB per year
Telephone handset (Yealink T33G)  $135 per one set (one-time recovery of actual cost)
Telephone handset (Yealink CP695) $975 per set (one-time recovery of actual cost) 
Virtual Server Hosting - storage $0.60/GB per year
Virtual Server Hosting - DNS (Domain Name Service) $75/name per year


  • Other costs may be recovered based on agreements in place with the associated department, which may include a fixed annual fee
  • Costs may also be recovered on a cost pass-through basis for other requested items (such as Azure cloud storage and computing costs, or additional requested software licensing at stated pricing)