Cybersecurity at Queen's

Cybersecurity at Queen's

Education and Awareness

Effective cybersecurity to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Queen’s information and resources, requires that every individual at the university do their part and follow the best practices.  

Cybersecurity training and awareness educates Queen’s members to understand, recognize, prevent, and respond to security incidents. Follow the link below to access Queen's Interactive Cybersecurity Training. 

Cybersecurity Education and Awareness Course

Report Suspicious or Unwanted Emails

Phishing emails attempt to defraud users of their personal information by, for example, prompting them to open a link to what appears as a legitimate Queen’s webpage that will capture their email credentials. IT Services strongly recommends reporting phishing, spam, and abusive emails.  

⚠ How to Report Suspicious Emails

Security Assessment Process

IT Services employs a Security Assessment Process for new technologies based on leading risk management practices for the identification, evaluation, acceptance, and reporting of risks to enable risk-informed decision-making. The objective of the Security Assessment Process is to protect Queen’s data and systems by ensuring that proper security controls are in place to mitigate the risks to Queen’s University and ensuring that potential exposures are managed within the university’s risk tolerance.

Learn More about the Security Assessment Process

Cybersecurity Self-Help and Guidance

Cybersecurity Publications

Click on the links below the displayed publications to download these informational publications on cybersecurity abroad, ransomeware, password management, and phishing