On Sunday, May 14, 2023, IT Services will implement a new Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution. 

Queen's current IGA solution, known as the NetID Profile Manager, has reached end-of-life. "End-of-life" is the stage in which a software product becomes outdated or unsupported by the manufacturer, leaving it open to security risks and cyberattacks. End-of-life also means that no new updates will be applied to the software, quickly rendering it obsolete and unable to keep up with modern hardware.

Queen's new IGA solution, the Queen’s Identity Platform, will replace the NetID Profile Manager to ensure our users' data remains protected and to provide a streamlined user experience. 

What does this mean for me?

The NetID Profile Manager will be unavailable on Sunday, May 14 for approximately 12 hours, beginning at noon.

During the upgrade:

  • You will be unable to make any changes to your account via netid.queensu.ca. This includes changes/updates to your:
    • Password
    • External email or primary published email address
    • Privacy settings
    • Challenge questions
  • Users will also be unable to activate a new account during the maintenance window

Note: If you need help during the upgrade, please submit a ticket with the IT Support Centre, who will be available during the upgrade weekend for support.

After the upgrade is complete:

  • You will still be able to navigate to the Queen's Identity Platform via netid.queensu.ca.
  • The Queen's Identity Platform will have an updated look and feel
  • You will be able to resume activities related to your NetID as listed above

Help and Support

When the upgrade is completed successfully, IT Services' end-user knowledge base articles will be updated to reflect the Queen's Identity Platform information. The following articles will contain information about the Queen's Identity Platform as of May 15, 2023:

If you experience any issues after the upgrade is complete, please contact the IT Support Centre by filling out an Online Help Form or by calling (613)533-6666.