DSC chair 2020

Maegen Ratter

Maegen is a fourth year student pursuing a major in LLCU and a minor in History. She is also a concurrent education student specializing in intermediate senior instruction in the subject areas of French and History. She is a passionate teacher and spends most of her time at the pool where she works as a lifeguard and swim instructor!

“I had originally planned to major in French, but in my first year I discovered the LLCU department while in a meeting with my academic advisor. The flexibility of the LLCU major plan is what initially attracted me to the department as it allowed for all Con-Ed requirements to be met while still taking LLCU courses. But as I looked more into the department it was clear that this was the best choice for me. Furthermore, I was able to participate in an international academic exchange in Scotland and still have room to take many electives! 

I can honestly say that joining the LLCU department was one of the best decisions of my university career and has made my experience so enjoyable. The variety of courses offered is unmatched in any other department, many of them are so interesting you don’t even feel like you are in school. The content of the courses has also provided me with a unique perspective during my student teaching placements, allowing me to better understand cultural and communication differences in my students.

All the professors are so engaged with their content and students, not to mention being incredibly empathic to their student’s needs. Being a smaller department it is easy to get to know the staff as well as other students in your classes and creates an amazing sense of community. The support offered by various aspects of the LLCU department has played a large role in being able to care for my mental health while also feeling a sense of accomplishment academically. 

I consider this department and the people in it my “home away from home” and I am so excited to be able to give back to something that has already given me so many positive experiences."

Devin Wood

“Devin is a fourth year Linguistics student pursuing a minor in History. He has recently started teaching remedial literacy, rekindling a love for teaching while combining it with what he has learned from his Academic Plan.

Linguistics has long been an interest of mine, stretching back to childhood before I knew what “Linguistics” even was. However, it wasn’t until I came to Queen’s that I realized that Linguistics was something that I wanted to study more in depth, and for that I owe my thanks to LING100.

Choosing a Linguistics major plan was, for me, one of the best decisions in my academic career thus far. I find I’m always kept on my toes, with something new and exciting waiting to be learned. Whether it be Turkic vowel harmony, Swahili noun classes, or Canadian Raising, the plethora of knowledge that LLCU professors are able to pass on keeps Linguistics fun. After graduation, I would like to pursue something in the education field.

The LLCU department has truly made my experience nothing short of amazing. Small class sizes not only make it easy to get to know your peers but also your professors, who in my experience have really made the effort to get to know their students. As far as course offerings go, there is truly something to spark any interest; not to mention 11 languages to choose from!

LLCU is always growing, and I’m so grateful that not only are we able to witness this growth, but that we can all be part of it.”

Our Plans

This year, the main goal of the DSC is to rethink our existing ideas and ways of doing things, all while increasing transparency and building upon our department-wide sense of community. Social media and other digital communications will also play an integral role this year, and we are excited to experiment with new ways of engaging.