Fall Orientation

We can't wait to welcome you to Queen's University!

What to Expect

Queen's Orientation is made up by 2 parts – University Orientation programming and Faculty Orientation programming.

University Orientation is open to all incoming students and is free! This will build on the information provided to you during Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR). University Orientation Programming will consist of modules via OnQ focused on academics, health and wellness and student life. There will also be live webinars to learn more from staff and upper year students! Sign into OnQ on Aug 24 to get started, find out more here!

Faculty Orientation is run by upper year students from your faculty and will consist of information specific to your program, while meeting and having an amazing time with the people you'll have classes with! For more information check our your faculty page from the links on the left. 

There is also additional orientation activities to support International and Indigenous students. If you are an exchange, transfer or returning BISC student you can register for NEWTS.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be an Orientation for first-year students? 
Orientation programming begins the first week of July with our SOAR programming and webinars.  Fall Orientation will begin on August 24 and run until September 4.  

How do I attend Orientation? 
You will be automatically enrolled in your faculty/school’s Orientation “course” in OnQ – the platform that many students at Queen’s use for their academic courses. You will have access to all university-wide Orientation modules beginning August 24th.  

For faculty-specific events, students will be required to register should they choose to participate in the activities planned by upper-year students. To find out more information about registering for your respective Faculty Orientation, please contact the Heads of these Orientations directly: queensu.ca/orientation/contact-us

Is Orientation mandatory?  
Participation in Orientation is optional. However, we do strongly recommend that you attend live events and work through the modules at your own pace. The goal of Orientation programming is to ease both your academic and social transitions to Queen’s and set you up for success! 

If fall semester is totally online, will we start winter semester with some form of in-person Orientation?  
 We are currently focusing on planning our Fall Orientation programming. Winter semester planning will take into consideration guidance from the KFLA Public Health unit, the Government, and the Queen’s COVID-19 Response Steering Committee. 

Will I be able to meet people in my program?  
Yes! Your respective Faculty Orientation executives are hard at work planning activities and events that provide the opportunity to meet other incoming students in your program and upper-year students that can serve as your mentors throughout your time at Queen’s.