In a recent episode of Vox’s Unexplainable podcast, Daryn Lehoux, Queen’s National Scholar, Professor of Classics and Philosophy, comments on whether garlic has the ability to break magnets.

Says Daryn: "sorry about the silly intro -- they did that in post-production (they have a schtick to adhere to). Things pick up a few minutes in."

Listen: Does garlic break magnets? | Vox - Unexplainable Podcast

Daryn is the author of Astronomy, Weather, and Calendars in the Ancient World (Cambridge, 2007), What Did the Romans Know? (Chicago, 2012), and Creatures Born of Mud and Slime (Hopkins, 2017). He is co-editor of Lucretius: Poetry, Philosophy, Science (Oxford, 2013) and the author of more than forty articles on ancient science and epistemology.