In April 2024, the Department applied for the inaugural Advancing EDII Fund for Astroparticle Physics hosted by the The Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astroparticle Physics Research Institute. We are delighted to announce that our application was funded and we were able to purchase menstrual products to supply Stirling Hall for years to come. These consumables are part of the Need One? Take One! program, which launched in February supplying emergency menstruation products in women’s and gender neutral washrooms on every floor of Stirling Hall.

We waited for a sale, went shopping and purchased:

  • 30 boxes of Always Ultra Thin Long Super Pads with Wings (88 products per box)
  • 45 boxes of Always Ultra Thin Regular Pads with Wings (96 products per box)
  • 64 boxes of Tampax Pearl – Regular Absorbancy (96 products per box)
  • 20 boxes of Tampax Pearl – Super Absorbancy (96 products per box)

Yes, we bought 15,025 period products to serve our community over the coming years.

We would like to thank our staff for volunteering their time, vehicles, and efforts towards transportation and storage, and of course, The Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astorparticle Physics Research Institute for supporting this essential program. Also a big thanks to the students, staff, and faculty who volunteer to facilitate this program on a weekly basis. If you are interested in volunteering, please see our LinkTree

Stay tuned, we will be releasing our "Menstrual Equity Guide" to help units host their own "Need One? Take One!" program.


Shopping for period products

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