Professor Jodi Cooley of Queen's University

Jodi Cooley

Professor, Executive Director of SNOLAB

Faculty, Particle Astrophysics

Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy


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PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Research Interests

Approximately 85% of the matter in our universe is non-luminescent, known as dark matter. Except through its gravitational interactions in the cosmos, it does not emit light or interact with ordinary matter in any way that scientists have been able to detect. Our research focuses on trying to figure out what the constituents of this mysterious matter are.

Since dark matter interactions are exceptionally rare, we use sophisticated detectors that are operated deep underground. We use Earth as a filter to block particles produced by cosmic ray interactions in the upper atmosphere from reaching the detector. The detectors are further protected using layers of material to shield against very low levels of radioactive particles that are all around us.

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