Professor Sarah Sadavoy

Sarah Sadavoy

Assistant Professor

Faculty, Astronomy, Astrophysics & Relativity

Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

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University of Victoria (2013)

Graduate Opportunities

Prof. Sadavoy has openings for new graduate students.

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Research Areas/Interests

The earliest stages of star formation and planet formation, including fragmentation processes, dust grain formation and evolution, gas chemistry and origins of life, the formation and evolution of protostars, the role of magnetic fields in star and planet formation, and the differences between low-mass and high-mass star formation. To explore these processes, I use observations from telescopes all over the world to investigate star-forming regions through continuum, spectral line emission, and polarimetry observations in the infrared, (sub)millimeter, and radio bands.

I have full funding available for new graduate students. If research in star and planet formation interests you, please send me an e-mail