2024 Honours Thesis Colloquium


Friday April 5, 2024
10:00 am - 2:40 pm

Please join us for the Department of Political Studies 2024 Honours Thesis Colloquium!

Friday, April 5, 2024 

10:00am - 2:40pm

Robert Sutherland Hall | Room 202

Light lunch served

Event poster


10:00-10:05 AM  Opening Remarks | Kaitie Jourdeuil, coordinator

Panel 1 | 10:05-11:05 AM 

  • Emily Wilson: “The ‘First Victim,’ and the ‘Noble Reconciler,’: National myths, memory, and misremembrance in Austria and Canada”  Discussant – Jana Walkowski
  • Sarah Hamm: “United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, Nearly twenty-five years later: Where are the women now?”  Discussant – Shola Ogunnubi
  • Sadie McIntosh: “Assessing the Role of Human Security in Africa’s Natural Resource Governance: An Agential Constructivist Approach”   Discussant – Shola Ogunnubi

11:05-11:10 AM – Break (light refreshments served)

Panel 2  | 11:10 AM - 12:10 PM

  • Ameila Gordanier: “Evolving Narratives of Indigeneity: A Discourse Analysis of Linguistic Changes in Newspaper Media”   Discussant – Shola Ogunnubi
  • Ella Granger: "Genocidal Processes in Authoritarian and Democratic States: the Indigenous vs the Kurds"   Discussant – Jana Walkowski
  • Leonie Saint-Arnaud: "The Proto Genocide of the Uyghurs: In Conversation with Members of the Uyghur Diaspora"   Discussant – Jana Walkowski

12:10-12:30 PM - Lunch (light lunch served)

Panel 3 | 12:30-1:30 PM

  • Lauren Oswald: “Understanding Variations in the Global War on Terror”   Discussant – Émile Lambert-Deslandes
  • Isabela Rittinger: “LGBTQ2S+ Genocide: The Failure of International Law”   Discussant – Cindy Cruz
  • Greg Brown: “Carl Schmitt’s Critique of Liberalism”   Discussant – Yerin Chung

1:30-1:35 Break (light refreshments served)

Panel 4 | 1:35-2:35 PM

  • Maddy Ritter: “Reimagined Pathways: Exploring the Role of the Third Sector in the Canadian Basic Income Movement”   Discussant – Chelsea Dunn
  • Adrienne Cross: “Navigating Motherhood in Canada Amidst and Beyond COVID-19's Impact on Social and Economic Realities: Has COVID-19 shattered the contemporary perception of motherhood in Canada by imposing heightened burdens and barriers on mothers' social and economic standings?”   Discussant – Cindy Cruz
  • Jessica Meleca: “A Gendered Analysis of Canadian Childcare Policy Through Media Perspectives”   Discussant – Chelsea Dunn

2:35-2:40 PM – Closing remarks | Kaitie Jourdeuil