The Kim Richard Nossal Undergraduate Teaching Award

Photograph of Kim Nossal

Kim Richard Nossal Undergraduate Teaching Award Terms:


The Kim Richard Nossal Teaching Award is in recognition of Professor Emeritus Kim Richard Nossal and his legacy of commitment to higher education and teaching in Political Studies at Queen’s University.

This student-led award recognizes and celebrates teaching excellence at the undergraduate level in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University. In particular, it rewards undergraduate instructors in the department who are at the beginning of their teaching careers, who have made an exceptional contribution to the study and education of Political Studies through their teaching at this university. The award will be presented to either one or two nominees annually each spring.

Award Criteria

The winner(s) of this award will have demonstrated and accomplished the following in their teaching.

  • Displays a genuine interest in students’ personal and academic development and well‐being in and beyond the classroom.
  • Instructor acknowledges that students are co-learners and producers of knowledge.
  • Ongoing pedagogical development and unique contributions to course design to decolonize curriculum and include diversity in their field when applicable (e.g., development of inclusive, equity, anti-racist, and anti-colonial pedagogies and curriculum).
  • Addresses the evolving and unique needs of students to support their learning by accommodating different learning opportunities and styles of learning for students (e.g., incorporation of student mental and physical well-being into the curriculum and pedagogy, focus on accessibility in course design for all learning styles).
  • Incorporates a variety of avenues for meaningful classroom participation, facilitating and acknowledging differences in students’ barriers to participation.

Award Eligibility

All those who have been awarded a PhD within six years, or are completing their PhD, and teach an undergraduate Politics course, including post-doctoral fellows, tenure-track, adjuncts, non-permanent faculty, and teaching fellows, are eligible for the award. Teaching fellows refer to graduate student instructors and adjuncts as faculty members who teach one or two courses per year. 

Eligibility for Nominations

Excepting members of the Teaching Awards Committee, any Queen’s University student currently registered in an undergraduate course offered by the Department of Political Studies is eligible to nominate the instructor of that course.

Nomination Form:

Nominations are now closed for the 2023 award. 

You can view the 2023 nomination form if you are interested in nominating a Political Studies undergraduate instructor for 2024.  

Kim Richard Nossal Undergraduate Teaching Award Recipients

Surulola Eke 

Surulola Eke, Peacock Post-Doctoral Fellow


Fan Lu 

Fan Lu, Assistant Professor