What we do

The Political Studies Department at Queen's University boasts a long history of research excellence in Canada and around the globe. Our faculty are actively engaged in a wide range of research activities and projects, and highly visible in the discipline of political science both in Canada and abroad. Our recent faculty publications demonstrate the breadth and quality of research conducted by members of the department.

The Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity is housed in the Department of Political Studies and aims to promote research on all issues of diversity and democratic governance including the appropriate political institutions and policies needed for governing diverse societies, how such institutions and policies are to be evaluated normatively, and the dynamics of these questions in states that are undergoing significant transitions, from civil war to peace and from authoritarianism to democracy.

We are also supported by our affiliated institutes, which have built research communities around topics of defense, diversity, and intergovernmental relations and which draw on expertise from both within Queen's University and beyond. These institutes provide research support as well as produce various presentations, workshops, and publications. Each year the department, in conjunction with Queen's research centres, hosts a speaker series showcasing new and innovative research.

Furthermore, our graduate student body is also actively engaged in the field of political science. Our students present at conferences around the globe and are involved in many ongoing disciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects. 



Research Highlight with Yolande Bouka

Assistant Professor Yolande Bouka (International Relations/Gender and Politics) discusses her ongoing research.

Research Highlight with Wayne Cox

Professor Wayne Cox (International Relations) discusses his current research and why Queen's Department of Political Studies is such a great place to study.

Research Highlight with Colin Farrelly

Professor Colin Farrelly (Political Theory/Philosophy) discusses his current research.

Research Highlight with Paul Gardner

Assistant Professor Paul Gardner discusses his current research and why Queen's is such a great place to learn.

Research Highlight with Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant

Professor Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant (Canadian Politics | Gender and Politics) discusses her current research.

Research Highlight with Stéfanie von Hlatky

Professor and Canada Research Chair Stéfanie von Hlatky (International Relations) discusses her current research and how she involves graduate students in her work

Research Highlight with Margaret Little

Margaret Little discusses her research and the greater impact of what she has learned.

Research Highlight with Stéphanie Martel

Assistant Professor Stéphanie Martel (International Relations) discusses her current research on the global Women, Peace, and Security agenda, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia and Indo-Pacific regions.

Research Highlight with John McGarry

Professor John McGarry (Comparative Politics) discusses his current research.

Research Highlight with Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore (Political Theory/Philosophy) discusses her ongoing research.

Research Highlight with Jonathan Rose

Professor Jonathan Rose (Canadian Politics) discusses his ongoing research.

TED x Queens U - Colin Farrelly Talk on Global Aging and Longevity Science