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Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Employment Opportunities

Faculty Appointment(s)

None currently available. 

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Opportunities

The Department offers three Post-Doctoral Fellowships:

  • The Buchanan Postdoctoral Fellowship in Canadian Democracy
  • The Peacock Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • The Skelton-Clark Postdoctoral Fellowship

For more information, click here. All available positions will be listed below.

The Department welcomes inquiries from students who are applying for a Social Science and Humanities Research Council post-doctoral fellowship. Please e-mail the Head of the Department and the intended supervisor for further information.

None currently available. 

Teaching Fellowships, Assistantships and Other Opportunities

Teaching Assistantship 2021-2022
POLS 590 – Honours Thesis Coordinator – F/W
Hours – 82

The successful candidate typically will be a PhD student who will provide leadership, support and mentorship to the Department’s fourth year capstone experience, the undergraduate thesis option (POLS 590 F/W, 9.0).  They must be passionate about communicating the challenges and joy of research to undergraduate students and be a motivator-in-chief.   

The 590 Coordinator will organize 8 -12 90 minute meetings with students enrolled in the course throughout the year.  At least six of these will be skills workshops on all aspects of carrying out an advanced research project.  These workshops can include such things as library resources, how to write a literature review, time management, data collection, methods and presentation of findings.  Some workshops (such as library resources) may have guest speakers including faculty, graduate students or staff.  The balance of the meetings with students is more interactive seminars. These are opportunities for 590 students to present their findings, share resources and tips on things such as writing challenges or data collection or progress reports.   

The 590 Coordinator will respond to emails from students throughout the year and liaise with the Undergrad Chair or Head on any challenges including problems with supervisors.  Prior to the end of the contract, the Coordinator will provide the Undergraduate Chair a brief (one-page) report on lessons-learned and areas for improvement.

Finally, the 590 Coordinator will organize, host and prepare students for a one-day conference (usually 2 sessions of 3 hours) at the end of the second semester.  This public facing conference is designed to share the work of some of our brightest fourth year students so should be in a prominent public place.  In the past, student presentations have been based on the pecha kucha format and while the precise format can vary, the presentation should be brief. It is seen more as a celebration of student findings than a defence.  

Please apply with a cover letter and CV to Michelle Knapp-Hermer by August 20th. In your application please note any teaching experience you’ve had before.

Posted: 11 August 2021

Closing: 20 August 2021