Employment Opportunities

The Department of Political Studies at Queen’s is a medium-sized department with twenty-six full-time regular faculty members who teach in all areas of the political science discipline. All our members have active research programs and share a commitment to providing the best learning experience for our students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. As such, the Department invites applications from all qualified individuals for the opportunities listed below. 

All inquiries should be directed to Gail MacAllister at pols.manager@queensu.ca.

Job Opportunities

All Faculty appointments and opportunities will be posted here.

**None are currently available. 

The Department offers three Post-Doctoral Fellowships:

The Department welcomes inquiries from students who are applying for a Social Science and Humanities Research Council post-doctoral fellowship. Please e-mail the Head of the Department and the intended supervisor for further information.

  • The Buchanan Postdoctoral Fellowship in Canadian Democracy

  • The Peacock Postdoctoral Fellowship

    • We are currently accepting applications for the Peacock Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF 92KB). This fellowship provides an opportunity to spend time in an intellectually stimulating environment conducting research, writing, and teaching.

      • Date of posting: May 2, 2022

      • The Deadline for all applications is May 12, 2022.

  • The Skelton-Clark Postdoctoral Fellowship


Teaching Fellowships

We are seeking applications for the following courses: 


POLS 312/3.0   Political Behaviour

POLS 313/3.0   Mass Media and Politics

POLS 317/3.0   Charter Politics

POLS 319/3.0   Public Discourse in Canada: Issues and Debates

POLS 328/3.0   Topics in European Politics

POLS 348/3.0   Middle East Politics

POLS 355/3.0   Issues in Contemporary Political Theory

POLS 364/3.0   International Peace and Security

POLS 366/3.0   The United Nations 

POLS 382/3.0   Gender and Social Policy

POLS 405/3.0   International Relations: Questions & Challenges

POLS 433/3.0   Problems of American Democracy

POLS 457/3.0   Issues in Global Justice

POLS 485/3.0   Seminar in Women and Politics

POLS 590A/3.0 Thesis:

The 590 coordinator organizes skills-based workshops throughout the academic year, supports honours thesis students and their supervisors, and hosts the Honours Thesis Colloquium in April. The contract will differ from those teaching a course.


POLS 241/3.0   Comparative Politics: Transformations

POLS 244/3.0   Comparative Politics: Democracy and Democratization

POLS 327/3.0  Topics in Comparative Politics

POLS 347/3.0   Politics of Africa

POLS 380/3.0   Puzzles in Political Economy

POLS 392/3.0   Topics in Canadian Politics

POLS 397/3.0   Topics in Gender and Politics

POLS 406/3.0   Comparative Politics: Questions & Challenges

POLS 415/3.0   Canadian Federalism

POLS 432/3.0   The Modern Welfare State

POLS 434/3.0   Multiculturalism

POLS 456/3.0  Theories of Identity Politics

POLS 482/3.0  Public Policy

POLS 483/3.0   Justice and Gender

POLS 590B/3.0 Thesis:

The 590 coordinator organizes skills-based workshops throughout the academic year, supports honours thesis students and their supervisors, and hosts the Honours Thesis Colloquium in April. The contract will differ from those teaching a course.

The above courses will be available to be taught in person by Teaching Fellows in the Department of Political Studies, in 2022-2023. This advertisement is directed at currently registered doctoral students in the Department of Political Studies. The term is negotiable.

For more information on specific courses, consult the Arts and Science Calendar for a list of Course Descriptions. See this link: Arts and Science Calendar

Applicants are to submit an application file consisting of an unofficial transcript (from SOLUS is acceptable), an up-to-date curriculum vitae, a two-paragraph (maximum) summary of the proposed course’s focus, and an email or short letter (a sentence or two) from doctoral supervisors indicating that the applicant is in a position to teach.  Expressions of interest must be sent to Gail MacAllister (pols.manager@queensu.ca) by March 8th, 2022 - Applications have since closed

Remuneration will be in accordance with the Collective Agreement between PSAC (Local 901, Unit 1) and Queens University and shall follow Section 12.08 (Appointment of Teaching Fellows).  All positions are subject to funding and enrolment criteria.

Date of posting: February 23rd, 2022.

Deadline date:  Applications Deadline has closed. 

All Term Adjunct appointments and opportunities will be posted here.



Date of Posting: June 20th, 2022

Deadline Date: July 15th, 2022