Free Expression: The Future of a Fundamental Freedom

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<p>This podcast series is an intimate look at one of the most controversial topics in Canadian public discourse at the moment: free expression. This project is hosted by the <a href=Centre for Constitutional Studies at the University of Alberta, with host Dax D'Orazio, Peacock Post-Doctoral Fellow of Pedagogy with the Department of Political Studies at Queen's University.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Audible, and Spotify, the first season of the podcast includes 11 episodes featuring in-depth interviews with a range of legal academics and experts. Blending academic insight with current affairs, the podcast will appeal to anyone interested in the law of free expression, and especially those wanting to make sense of contemporary politics. The series addresses a number of important questions, including: Why is free expression so important for democratic societies? When can a state or community legitimately restrict expression? And why has debate about free expression become so polarized on university campuses and in society more broadly?

Season 2 of this podcast will be released in 2024.