Cross-Disciplinary Workshop Series
Migration, Citizenship and Democratic Participation

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Calendar of Presentations

What is the workshop series?

It is a cross-disciplinary group of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows that meet once a month, from October 2015 to April 2016 (link to calendar) to discuss a work-in-progress. The workshop also includes faculty members who have agreed to attend meetings and act as mentors. One participant will be selected to present a work-in-progress at each monthly session. This piece of work is distributed to the other members in advance of the meeting so that other participants can provide detailed and considered feedback.

Who are we?

The workshop is convened by two current Queen’s PhD students, Sara Pavan (Political Studies) and Manoj Dias-Abey (Law). Sara is currently researching the impact of different integration policies on the nature of political engagement of immigrants. Manoj is reseaching the role that civil society organizations can play in the monitoring and enforcement of employment standards of temporary migrant workers. Queen’s Faculty mentors include Keith Banting (Policy Studies and Political Studies), Oded Haklai (Political Studies), Sharryn Aiken (Law), and Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant (Political Studies).

Who is it for?

We are aiming to create a community of early career-researchers (graduate students and post-doctoral fellows) working on topics related to migration, citizenship and democratic participation. We particularly welcome emerging scholars engaging in empirical research, although purely theoretical contributions are also of interest. We are open to works at any stage of development, from the tentative to the well developed.

What will be expected of me?

Participants will be expected to attend most of the workshop sessions, have read the selected work, and be willing to comment on the paper in a collegial manner. Workshop meetings will be held on the last Thursday of every month, starting in October 2015 until April 2016. Each participant will also be expected to present at least a work-in-progress (draft paper, chapter, teaching syllabus etc.) to the workshop in the 2015/2016 academic year.

What will I get from participation in the workshop?

As a participant in the workshop, you will have an opportunity to practice your scholarly skills, including the ability to present and defend your work in front of an academic audience. You will receive comments on your paper from peers and faculty members from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. In the Winter term, additional Faculty mentors from Queen’s and other Universities will provide participants with advice on matters relating to publication, research collaboration and knowledge translation. You will also have an opportunity to disseminate their works-in-progress through the workshop’s working-paper series. Finally, the workshop will provide a forum for you to network and exchange information on research and professional development.

Who to contact for info?

If you have questions about the workshop or would like to indicate your interest in the workshop, please contact the workshop organizers at:

You can keep updated on the workshop by following @mcdpworkshop on Twitter.

Calendar of Presentations