Patricia Ackah-Baidoo, wearing a black jacket, white shirt, sitting in front of a body of water

Patricia Ackah-Baidoo

Doctoral Candidate


M.A. (McMaster), B.A (York)

Political Studies

Doctoral Candidate

Mackintosh-Corry Hall, B302

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Patricia is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Politics. Her research interests primarily lie in the area of mineral resource governance, specifically, how state-global mining company relationships historically and, at present, shape current local socioeconomic development outcomes in the resource-rich sections of sub-Saharan Africa.


  • POLS 347 - Summer 2020
  • POLS 397 - Spring 2022

Selected Publications

Ackah-Baidoo, P., Collins, A., and Grant, J.A. 2022. “Gender and Glocal Governance in Ghana and Uganda” in Andrews, N. Grant, J.A. and Ovadia, J.S. (eds). Natural Resource-Based Development in Africa: Panacea or Pandora’s Box? pgs. 101-122 Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Ackah-Baidoo, P. 2020. “Implementing Local Content under the Africa Mining Vision: An Achievable Outcome?” The Canadian Journal of Development Studies. 41 (3): 486-503.

Collins, A., Grant, J.A. and Ackah-Baidoo, P. 2019. “The Glocal Dynamics of Land Reform in Natural Resource Sectors: Insights from Tanzania.” Land Use Policy. 81: 889-896.

Ackah-Baidoo P. 2016. “Youth Unemployment in Resource-rich sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Review.” The Extractive Industries and Society. 3 (1): 249–261.