Photograph of Caroline Dunton

Caroline Dunton

Skelton-Clark Post-Doctoral Fellow (effective January 2024)


PhD (Ottawa); MA (George Washington); MA (Ottawa); BKI (Waterloo)

Political Studies

Canadian Politics

Arts and Science

Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room B309

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Brief Biography

Caroline will be the Skelton-Clark Post-Doctoral Fellow in January 2024. She will be teaching POLS 300- and 400-level courses in Winter 2024. Caroline studies Canadian foreign policy, the United Nations Security Council, diplomacy, and settler colonialism in Canada. She holds a PhD from the University of Ottawa, where she has also been a Research Associate at the Centre for International Policy Studies. She also holds an MA from The George Washington University, an MA from the University of Ottawa, and a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration from the University of Waterloo. Outside of academia, she has worked at Global Affairs Canada, including as a Senior Policy Analyst in Foreign Policy Planning and the Cadieux-Léger Fellow. She is currently the Book Reviews Editor at International Journal. For more information on Caroline’s research, please visit her website.


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Selected Publications

Liam Midzain-Gobin, Caroline Dunton, and Robert Tay-Burroughs. “Provincial-Indigenous Relationships as Diplomatic Encounters?” Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation at the Institute for Research on Public Policy (peer-reviewed). July 2023.

Caroline Dunton, Marion Laurence, and Gino Vlavonou. “Pragmatic Peacekeeping in a Multipolar Era: Liberal Norms, Practices and the Future of UN Peace Operations”. Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding. July 2023.

Michael Murphy, Andrew Heffernan, Caroline Dunton, and Amelia Arsenault. “The Disciplinary Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Political Science and International Relations: Methods, Topics, and Impact”. International Politics. Online First: January 2023.

Caroline Dunton and Jack Hasler. “Opening the Black Box of International Aid: Understanding Delivery Actors and Democratization.” International Politics 58, no. 5 (October 2021): 792-815.

Liam Midzain-Gobin and Caroline Dunton. “Renewing Relationships? Solitudes, Decolonization, and Feminist International Policy.Millennium Journal of International Studies 50, no. 1 (September 2021): 29-54.

Caroline Dunton. Willing to Serve: Empire, Status, and Canadian Campaigns to the United Nations Security Council (1946-1947)”. International Journal 75, no. 4 (December 2020): 529-547. 

Caroline Dunton and Veronica Kitchen. "Paradiplomatic Policing and Relocating Canadian Foreign Policy" International Journal 69, no. 2 (June 2014): 183-197.