The Department of Political Studies is saddened to share that the Hon. Hugh Segal passed away yesterday, August 9th, 2023, at the age of 72.

Hugh was a Peacock Fellow of Political Studies, a friend of our department, a frequent lecturer and visitor to our classrooms, and will be greatly missed. As the School of Policy Studies so eloquently expressed it, Hugh "leaves a lasting legacy of non-partisan leadership in the Policy Studies community at Queen’s, across Canada and beyond."

We offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

The School of Policy Studies, where Hugh taught and served for a number of years, released the following statement this morning:

The School of Policy Studies is mourning Senator Hugh Segal, a policy leader who passed away on 09 August 2023 at the age of 72. He leaves a lasting legacy of non-partisan leadership in the Policy Studies community at Queen’s, across Canada and beyond.

Honourable Hugh Segal had a strong and lasting connection with our School of Policy Studies community, and served in multiple leadership roles across in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences and the Queen’s School of Business. Most recently, he served as Chair of the School of Policy Studies External Advisory Board (2019-present), Donald Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy (2019-present) and Director of the Centre for International and Defence Policy (2022-2023). Hugh has also served as Ivey Fellow and Chair in the School of Policy Studies, and Skelton-Clark Fellow in the Political Studies Department. While retaining his position in Policy Studies at Queen's University, Hugh also joined Queen's School of Business staff as a Professor of Public Policy. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was awarded an honorary degree by Queen’s in 2018.  

“Senator Segal was an incredibly valuable member of the School of Policy Studies.  He took the time to mentor our students and faculty alike, and taught us the importance of rising above politics when designing and implementing policy” says Warren Mabee, Director of the School of Policy Studies. “On a personal note, I benefited tremendously from his wisdom and direction when I assumed the role of Director of the School, and I am eternally grateful for the time he was willing to give us.  We extend heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and the many Canadians whose lives he has so profoundly impacted.” 

The School of Policy Studies will commemorate Hugh Segal’s career and contributions to the School later this year. Details on this event will be shared during the weeks ahead. 

The CBC published the following article, which includes many touching tributes from Canadian politicians who worked with or were influenced by Hugh.

Hugh Segal, former senator and chief of staff to PM Mulroney, dead at 72: Segal, a respected figure in Canadian politics, honoured and remembered in social media tributes



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