In this article, Myanmar’s Higher Education Sector Post-Coup: Areas for Improvement in Interim Education Providers, Bella Aung examines challenges faced by the interim education system post-coup.  This article was published in Tea Circle: A Forum for New Perspectives on Burma/Myanmar, hosted at the Asian Institute at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto.

From the introduction:

"The military coup on February 1, 2021, has had a severely negative effect on post-secondary education in Myanmar. With many university students and instructors participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), universities have remained closed for a long time. Though public universities reopened under the junta’s direction in January 2022, many students and faculty members, refusing to participate in an education system controlled by the military, continue to participate in CDM. This phenomenon has created a gap in the Burmese education sector. Education is a fundamental human right. However, students who boycott the military regime struggle to access it. More than two years after the coup, critics of the regime have developed multiple options to help bridge this gap..."