Supporting Students with Disabilities

RARC is a Centre of Excellence in assessment and school transitions

RARC conducts assessments, facilitates transition programs, engages in research and provides training.

Funded by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities since opening in 2002.

Our services fall under four main pillars which support our commitment to our clients, incoming and current post-secondary students and families, advisors and other stakeholders. Our goal is to advance the understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders and their impacts in an academic setting.


RARC provides access to affordable and quality psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments to post-secondary students with learning difficulties.

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RARC offers several exciting initiatives and programs to support students with LDs, ADHD, ASD and mental health disorders as they transition to high school, post-secondary school, and beyond. 

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RARC engages in systematic, multidisciplinary research with focuses on adult assessment and outcomes for persons with specific learning or attention disorders. 

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RARC is committed to providing clinical training and supervision for new professionals and graduate students in psychology, education and occupational therapy. 

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Transition Resource Guide

RARC has developed a comprehensive Transition Resource Guide (TRG) for students transitioning to post-secondary education. This guide is a one-stop shop for students with disabilities to learn what they need to know to be prepared for post-secondary school in Ontario.

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