RARC conducts psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments

How do I get assessed at RARC?

The Regional Assessment and Resource Centre (RARC) provides assessment services to students transitioning to or currently attending post-secondary school in Southern Ontario. The assessments are conducted by psychologists housed at RARC or contracted practitioners who provide assessments through our Mobile Assessment Team (MAT). RARC offers several different programs and services through which an assessment could be conducted. Click the options below for more information.

Transition Program Assessments

Students enrolled in STEPS or who have completed one of our transition programs including OLTS and STOMP are eligible for an updated psychoeducational assessment.  Some restrictions apply.  

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RARC Assessments

RARC provides comprehensive psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessment services to post-secondary students who either live in the Kingston area or who attend a school RARC serves.

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MAT Assessments

The Mobile Assessment Team (MAT) consists of contracted Psychologists and Psychological Associates who provide comprehensive assessments to students enrolled in post-secondary education and who reside in Southern Ontario. 

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RARC/MAT Required Documentation

To complete an assessment, we require the completion of a background questionnaire, fee forms and the submission of supporting documents such as report cards and transcripts (if available). 

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Assessment Policies and Procedures

Learn about our documentation guidelines and our commitment to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal health information.

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Training in Psychological Assessment

As a training facility, RARC is committed to providing clinical training and supervision for new professionals and graduate students.  During your assessment (and with your permission), graduate students in Psychology may be observing or assisting with part or all of your assessment.

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Documentation Review

Part of our mandate at RARC includes being a support for Accessibility/Disability Services Offices and Psychological Practitioners.  As such, we are always willing to consult on cases and review documentation.

Documentation submitted for consult or review may be mailed or sent to  All information identifying the client must be removed from the documentation before sending it to us.  Please contact for more information.