About Us

Who we are and who we serve

Who We Are

RARC is a Centre of Excellence housing clinical psychologists, educators, transition specialists and researchers who focus on assessing incoming and current post-secondary students with neurodevelopmental disorders and helping them understand and mitigate the impact of those disorders in an academic context. 

Our Services and Who We Serve

RARC conducts comprehensive psychoeducational assessments. We also provide transition programs and we engage in systematic, multi-disciplinary research while providing training opportunities to students in psychology, education and occupational therapy.

RARC History and Evolution

In 1997 the Ontario government struck the Learning Opportunities Task Force (LOTF) to investigate the status of post-secondary students with learning disabilities. The task force recommended the creation of two Assessment and Resource Centres (ARCs—RARC  and NOARC). Since opening in 2002, the ARCs have expanded their mandate to include students with other neurodevelopmental disorders.