Assessment Course

Conducting Effective Psychoeducational Assessments across Educational Settings

Assessment Course

RARC delivers an asynchronous online program to train practitioners to conduct effective psychoeducational assessments. 

Objectives of the course are to:

  1. Improve knowledge of general assessment practices.
  2. Improve knowledge of specific assessment practices related to high incidence neurodevelopmental disabilities in educational settings, including LD, ID, AD/HD, and ASD.
  3. Provide a standardized method of conducting psychoeducational assessments.
  4. Provide a standardized method of presenting assessment findings.
  5. Provide a standardized method of conceptualizing/diagnosing disability.
  6. Strengthen knowledge of appropriate interventions and supports in the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary setting.

This training is suitable for: Graduate students in Clinical Psychology and/or Neuropsychology who have practicum/work experience in conducting assessments, Psychologists/Neuropsychologists in supervised practice, and those already in practice who are either entering the field of Psychoeducational Assessment or who want to hone their skills and knowledge in the area. 


Registration for Fall 2023 is now closed! Please keep an eye out on our website and social media for information on registering for the next available course. 

I thought the module content was very informative and grounded in evidence. I liked being able to work through the content at my own pace, and being able to check my learning through the activities/quizzes.

Course participant

Course Description

This 12-module program will provide the most current information on Psychoeducational Assessment. Each module will include an online lecture of approximately 60 to 75 minutes and assigned readings to supplement your knowledge. Sample reports are also periodically provided to complement your learning and a small quiz or assignment will be provided at the end of most modules to reinforce the main points discussed. Feedback is provided by the course moderator on all submissions. At the end of the course, participants are invited to submit a de-identified report to obtain feedback from RARC/NOARC Practitioners. A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course. 


For more information, please contact RARC. 

  (613) 533-6311