Allyson G. Harrison

Allyson G. Harrison

Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D., C.Psych.


Psychology and Research Staff

Dr. Allyson G Harrison initially worked at Queen’s University Counselling Service as the “Learning Disabilities Specialist”. In 2003 she was able to obtain government funding to start up the RARC, arguing that students in under-served communities or those with little access to external funding needed a way to obtain high quality yet affordable diagnostic assessments. Registered to practice in both school and neuropsychology in Ontario, Dr. Harrison is active in providing assessments to students enrolled in or transitioning into postsecondary education. She has worked tirelessly to promote the rights of students with disabilities, and supported development of programs to help these students succeed in their postsecondary careers.

Outside of work, Allyson is an accomplished amateur golfer, who dabbles in skiing and cycling. She loves listening to music, audiobooks, baking, and gardening.